This is for...

The lone wolf craving connection,

the childhood trauma survivor learning how to self-mother,

the toomuchnotenough.

This is for the women who know they can be this and this...that life is not an either/or proposition.

This is for you. And for me.

Hello! I'm Jen

multilayered + complex | I want to mama bear the hell out of you

I'm just as guilty as the next person - of hiding behind my masks, chameleon-ing my way through life (especially social situations), overspending and overindulging in an effort to fill holes in my soul. And I'm tired

I'm tired of pretending everything is ok when it isn't. I'm tired of chasing healing from childhood traumas when...maybe this is exactly the journey I'm supposed to be on no matter how hard and painful it can be at times.

I want more. I want depth. I want your messy. I want you to want my messy. I want to laugh and cry with you - take you under my wing and mama bear the hell out of you. (If you've survived childhood trauma, you know exactly what I mean and why you (and I) need it.)

MULTILAYERED + COMPLEX is my space to remind us that we are truly never alone when we open up and share our messy and imperfect lives.

Welcome to my corner of the world.